Welcome to Janssen Produce & Specialties

Belgian Endive
Thanks for dropping by our website! We are a family owned farm located between Simcoe and Delhi Ontario. We’ve been growing Belgian Endive now for about 15 years. We currently are a supplier to Loblaw, Sobey’s, Metro, Longo’s and Royal Produce of Toronto. We take special pride in the quality of our product and that is what we compete on. We do not cut corners and if it isn’t right, it doesn’t go in our box. We currently have room to expand and we are always interested in new business. We grow and supply Belgian Endive on a year around basis. Support your local grower, ask for Ontario Belgian Endive! We hope you enjoy our product and the many fine opportunities it provides on the dinner table, from fresh Belgian Endive salad to soup and entrées. It is surprisingly versatile, delicious and so very good for you too!

White Asparagus
Our other specialty is White Asparagus which is available only during May and June. We have been growing white asparagus for 25 years. We grow the true Dutch way! We have imported from Holland the seed, root and all of the equipment needed to do it right! Our sandy loam soil is the perfect complement to Holland’s fields in the south where all the white asparagus comes from. This is the real deal! Our white asparagus stays sweet as ours is washed in fresh clean cool farm well water only and is by far the best tasting White Asparagus you can buy here at home! We hand harvest one spear at a time every day. Our main clients drive from Toronto, Barrie, Quebec and other locations to our farm. They enjoy getting out of the city, smelling the fresh country air and taking in the local area before picking up a box or two of White Asparagus. Remember, white asparagus freezes very well. Just peel, bag (remove the air) and deep freeze. Cook from frozen and it tastes like the day you picked it up. Nothing compares to the thick, meaty, tender, sweet real white asparagus. Call to place an order any time during May and until June 21 and we will reserve you a box or more, 519-582-2275.